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100+ years of experience
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A few words about us

SEFTON FROSS is a leading full-service law firm in Nigeria. At Sefton Fross, our perennial goal is to exceed the expectations of our client, and we consistently achieve our team based approach in addressing the needs of our clients.

We understand the importance of our clients’ businesses, approaching every brief in a businesslike manner, putting the interest of the client first, thus providing honest, positive and practical advice. We collaborate with our clients to grow their and achieve their set targets.

Our Dedication, Responsiveness and Efficiency distinguishes us from other law firms. We have a deep understanding of the Nigerian market, based on practical experience proffering advice to clients from start-up, contract negotiation, employment, liaising with government authorities, financing, restructuring and beyond.

Our Values

We believe that innovation requires lateral thinking and a 360-degree view outside the proverbial box. Our focus in delivering qualitative service to our clients, is grounded on our core values of:

  • Dedication, Responsiveness and Efficiency.
  • Excellence and integrity of output.
  • Competitive and fair billing policy.
  • Result driven and timely work delivery.

Creating structure for the future

We provide service to diverse clients, ranging from banks and other financial institutions, micro, small and medium scale enterprises, local and multinational conglomerates and investors, government, ministries, agencies and departments of government and high net worth individuals.

At Sefton Fross, we believe firmly in contributing to the development of the society and upliftment of her people. We actively engage in pro bono and community development programs, support for charitable causes and creating opportunities for all.

Our history

Establishment: Recognition of sustainable legal solutions

Sefton Fross was established in 2013 when Managing Partner, Olayemi Anyanechi, resigned her partnership at a top-tier law firm in Lagos to establish a firm dedicated to providing sustainable legal solutions to its clients.

Consistently providing expert legal advisory

Our increased reputation in the corporate legal market is tied to our dedication to innovation and the provision of pragmatic solutions.

Success and Growth

We has provided advisory on some of the major transactions in the Nigerian market and we are consistently ranked by Global law firm rankings including IFLR 1000 and Legal 500.

Leading Law Firm

As we grow, we still strive to maintain our founding principles of providing sustainable legal solutions through dedication to innovation with every client and on every transaction.

Meet some of our Lawyers

Sefton Fross has extensive experience across all practice areas. We bring each client a combination of deep industry knowledge and expert perspectives from other industries on the challenges at stake, to offer our clients fresh perspectives and breakthrough business insights.